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About Us

Clarissa & Joe Constantine

Our lives have led us to where we are today.

Clarissa Constantine

Clarissa is an only child who had a tough relationship with her mom. During college at University of Hartford, she began what would turn into a decades-long career as a test prep coach. She's helped thousands of kids around the world navigate the college and grad school admissions processes. Along the way she's joked that she sometimes finds herself playing the role of therapist more than tutor, helping kids manage the stresses of life. But no matter how many young adults she helped, she longed for a closer, more intimate relationship with her own mother. Unfortunately, that didn't come to pass before her mom passed in November 2019. She's driven to help other families avoid the heartache, the lost years, and the regret she - and most likely her mom, too - experienced. This includes working directly with families to find the resources they need, as well as coaching business owners who work with teens, tweens, and families.


Joe Constantine

Joe dealt with horrible bullying as a kid. After years being the '95-pound weakling' who was tormented mercilessly, he hit his growth spurt as a freshman at University of Rhode Island, where he earned a degree in Civil Engineering. More than a decade later, he recognized that he was burned out and decided to change careers. With Clarissa's encouragement, he went back to school to become a personal trainer. He has spent the last decade using his engineer background and understanding of the human body to coach primarily youth athletes to help them prevent injury and excel on the field or court. But toward the end of 2019, he recognized that he still wasn't as fulfilled as he'd hoped. He knew he wanted to do more to help the 'underdog' kids - the kids that he was when he was a kid. He has a unique ability to to connect with kids who are struggling with self-confidence, depression & anxiety, and suicidal ideation because he's been there & really understands what they're going through.



The ParenT(w)een Connection

When friends of ours were going through a REALLY tough patch with their then-15-year-old daughter, the mom said, 'I just wish I had other parents to talk to.' It was like a lightning bolt for Clarissa, and The ParenT(w)een Connection was born. We launched a Facebook group and within a few days had over 100 parents join - talk about proof of concept! We knew we had the potential to make a huge global impact and went to the drawing board to sketch out a vision. As it stands today, we have four unique but interwoven segments:

Trusted Expert Network

Think Angie's List, but specifically featuring professionals who support families with kids between the ages of 10 and 20. If you're a parent, browse the listings to find professionals who can support you. If you're a professional, join what will become the world's largest network geared toward connecting you with other professionals who support the same clients.

ParenT(w)een Village

Joining our Facebook group is a GREAT first step! And when you're ready for more - more community, more support, more education - then it's time to join The ParenT(w)een Village. We're a judgment-free zone where you can connect with other parents who've been there, done that, or other parents who could use your insight.

Local Communities

It's one thing to connect with other parents online; it's another to be able to get together in person and build even more supportive relationships. Our local communities & events will be managed by local professionals who are dedicated to cultivating relationships with parents & other professionals in their geographical area.

Are you a professional who would like to be one of our Community Coordinators? Click here to get more information!

ParenT(w)een Foundation

It's one thing to say, 'Hey, look at all these awesome professionals who can help you & your family.' But if finances are an obstacle to working with these pros, that's not okay in our book. We want to help you get the help you need. We are in the process of finalizing the details with the IRS, and are gratefully accepting donations. And, if you know you could use some help when we have funds available, let us know. Click above & leave your name & email. 


Join us!

If you haven't yet, we invite you to join our Facebook group to connect with other parents. It's a great place to get to know The ParenT(w)een Connection!

As we grow, it's our mission to help families avoid many of the difficulties we experienced. We want to give parents a safe place to connect with each other. We want to help you find trusted experts who can help you when you just don't know what to do on your own. We want to give you different ways to connect with your kids so you can have awesome relationships with them. We believe that the better your relationship is with the kids in your life, the happier you'll all be - and the fewer kids we'll lose to suicide.