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Hello reader! My name is Chase Yang. The main reason I decided to do an internship with my mentor, Mrs. Clarissa Constantine, was to continue giving others a voice after seeing the effects that it had with my other extracurriculars. It has allowed me to explore social media marketing and a case study regarding the mental health of tweens and teenagers.

My ongoing internship is threefold: promoting and producing two surveys that give an outlet to tweens and teeangers to share thoughts that they usually will not share, creating Canva posts for holidays or important dates, and promoting the business as a whole. I am currently working on promoting these surveys and increasing the following on all ParenT(w)een Connection social media platforms.

For the Canva posts, I used Mrs. Constantine’s guidance for these holidays and important dates. Then, I used my creative skills to combine different elements of these posts in Canva. Attached below is a sample of the 25 posts that I have made!

For the case study, I collaborated with Mrs. Constantine on two Google Forms (also attached below) that allowed tweens and teenagers to have an outlet to express themselves. These surveys cover tweens and teenagers’ general life, relationships, school environment, and mental health. After seeing the power of people’s voices through my other endeavors, along with going through some tough times myself, I wanted to give tweens and teenagers an outlet to express themselves in a welcoming setting. For more information about my work on ParenT(w)een Connection’s Instagram account, visit

My hope is that everyone in this world stands up for what they believe in and is confident in their everyday conversations. That is the main reason why I chose to do an internship at The ParenT(w)een Connection.


About Me:

student. musician. orator. leader.

My name is Chase Yang, and I have always been interested in the many facets of public speaking. Throughout my high school career, my passion has always been to give others a voice, including creating a slideshow compilation for my business teacher’s website that assists students interested in marketing and public speaking, being part of the National Honor Society, co-directing our local chapter of Youth Toastmasters International, and an internship for ParenT(w)een Connection. I have always loved public speaking, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship ever since my family, friends, and teachers introduced me to these areas. From there, I pursued this obsession by asking for any opportunity to explore these things.

I realize that public speaking can be daunting for some people. I have also met teenagers that want to pursue a passion with extracurricular activities, but they do not know how to find or ask for these opportunities. I want to help others feel confident when tackling these obstacles, and I hope that you will be more comfortable in the large world that we live in.


Sample of Canva Posts

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