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Open the Door - Shared Journal

Open the Door - Shared Journal

Price: $ 12.99

Start a tradition. Open lines of communication. Learn about each other.


Families are so dang busy with day-to-day life that we don’t always make time to talk about much beyond homework and upcoming activities. So change things up! Pass this shared journal back & forth between t(w)een and adult as you

  • learn about each other
  • share your hopes and dreams
  • create a closer bond

Any way an adult and a t(w)een can create a safe space to share thoughts, ideas, and feelings, it’s another chance to deepen a relationship. The more connected you feel, the happier you are. End of story.


This download-only (for now) shared journal is designed to be printed at home or at your local print shop, like OfficeMax or Staples. Please also make sure to choose your favorite cover. **THIS DOWNLOAD DOES NOT INCLUDE A COVER.** 

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About the Author

Clarissa Constantine is the founder & CEO of The ParenTween Connection. Throughout a two-decade career in the test prep industry, Clarissa has helped thousands of families around the world navigate the high-stress, high-emotion college admissions process, joking that she frequently played the role of therapist more than that of tutor. As a life coach who had a tough relationship with her own mother, she is dedicated to helping other families feel more supported and build stronger bonds. Clarissa believes that the more connected and supported parents feel, the more they'll be able to connect with and advocate for their kids - and the fewer teens we'll lose to suicide. Clarissa lives in Denver with her husband, Joe, and two dogs, Luna Belle and Chara.