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ParenTween University 101  Monthly

ParenTween University 101 Monthly

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Want to learn more about navigating life with teens?

Join ParenTween University 101, the world's only all-encompassing resource for parents of teens & tweens. We're creating a community of parents and a community of professionals - and we're connecting you to each other in an easy, comfortable, no-pressure way. We want parents - and all the other members of the 'village' - to support each other and have easy access to positive, empowering resources. When you need us, we'll be here!

Access exclusive content from our podcast guests (podcast launching late 2020). Listen to interviews not available anywhere else. Receive special offers from our Trusted Experts. 

FREE FOR LIFE if you join between October 1 and October 31, 2020! Enter 'HBDMom' at checkout to save!

PTU 101

ParenTween University 201 (PTU201) will include live webinars, gatherings, and special members-only opportunities to connect with each other and with members of our Trusted Experts Network. Launching in 2021!

ParenTween University 301 (PTU301) will give parents & other members of the 'village' even more opportunities to interact with each other and with members of our Trusted Experts Network. These may include small-group coaching and more in-depth programs hosted by our Experts. Launching late 2021 or beyond!

ParenTween University 401 (PTU401) will offer more personalized and customized support for navigating life with teens. Resources may include one-on-one coaching and trips designed to help you & your teens strengthen your relationships. Launching 2022 or beyond!