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Part I: The Basics (June 7 @ 9PM ET/7PM MT)

Part II: You Decide (June 14 @ 9PM ET/7PM MT)

Pre-registration required.

The summer between sophomore & junior years (or between junior & senior years!)

is the IDEAL time to prep for your college admissions exams.

Start on June 7 by learning 'The Basics' about the two options that colleges accept.

Then take a practice one of each in between our two sessions (we'll send you the links to download them).

Join us June 14 for insight that will help 'You Decide' which test is best for you.

Register now & we'll save you a seat in both sessions. 

June 7th, 2021

SAT vs. ACT - The Basics

* Structural Differences

* Scoring

* National Test Dates

* Super Scoring

June 14th, 2021

SAT vs. ACT - You Decide

* Your Scores & Percentiles

* Consider Your Preferences

* Decide SAT or ACT

* Craft Your Testing Timeline

Register now & we'll save you a seat in both sessions.