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  • Are you a professional who supports families with teens & tweens?

  • Do you love being in business for yourself - but also feel like you're BY yourself?

  • Do you wish you had a team of experts you could collaborate with and refer your clients to?

  • Do you struggle to find ways to get in front of your prospective clients & their parents?

Everyone knows that if they need to find a painter, plumber, or landscaper, Angie's List is the place to go. 

But where do families go when they need a therapist, a tutor, or a college admissions consultant? 

Enter The ParenT(w)een Connection Trusted Experts Network!

Here's what ParenTween Connection Founder Clarissa Constantine has to say.

The ParenTween Connection started out as a way for families to connect with and support each other. And when those families started asking for professional recommendations, we knew it was time to bring experts into the fold. 

What does it mean to be a Trusted Expert?

All of our Trusted Experts are background- and reference-checked so that our families know they're getting a top-notch professional. You'll also be the folks that our members think of when a need for your services arises.

Why become a Trusted Expert?

Increase your visibility & accessibility to families who are looking for the products & services you provide. Connect and collaborate with other Trusted Experts. Expand your network of professionals who will make you look like a rockstar to your clients! Learn from business professionals during monthly Trusted Expert mastermind calls.

How is the Trusted Expert Network different from other networking organizations?

Our network is unique from other professional networking groups in a few ways:

  • We are the only network (to our knowledge) that includes exclusively professionals who support families with teens & tweens.
  • We believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and the more we work together - even with other pros who offer very similar services - the more our businesses will grow and the more families we can help together.
  • Other networking groups have fantastic internal connections, but don't have a public-facing listing of their members. And the sites that include public-facing listings don't have fantastic internal connections among members. We have both!
  • We offer month-to-month memberships - no need to pay for a full year's membership in advance.

Is membership in the Trusted Expert Network exclusive?

Nope. We already have multiple professionals who, on the surface, offer the 'same' service. But, really, they each have their own unique zones of genius. And working together to understand each others' strengths helps us offer even better experiences to the teens & families we serve. 

And there's also the fact that, even if any one of us was the 'best' fit for every client, we don't have enough hours in the day to serve ALL the prospective clients out there. 

Got Questions?

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What's right for your business?



Junior Varsity

Are you a recognized leader in your industry? Do you want MAXIMUM exposure?

If you answered 'yes' to both of those questions, you might be a candidate to become a ParenTween University Professor. 

ParenTween Connection Professor

Expand your Network

Membership in ParenTween Connection Trusted Expert Facebook Group, Semi-Monthly Trusted Expert Business Development Calls, Exclusive Monthly Strategy Call with ParenTween Connection CEO

Increase your Visibility

Prominent Placement as a Professor on

Exclusive Presentation as 'Professor' in ParenTween Connection Facebook Group

FREE Table at ParenTween Connection Vendor Events

Opportunity to be a Featured Presenter at ParenTween Connection Conferences/Summits

Opportunity to contribute to ParenTween Connection publications

4+ Podcast/video interviews per year

4 Event listings per month on website, promoted in monthly newsletter to ParenTween University members

4 Blog posts per month on website

Exclusive 'ParenTween University Professor' Logo for use on website & marketing materials


Maybe you don't need that much exposure, but you still want to be part of the world's largest network of professionals that serve families.

Our Junior Varsity or Varsity Divisions could be a good fit.

Junior Varsity

Expand your Network

Membership in ParenTween Connection Trusted Expert Facebook Group, Semi-Monthly Trusted Expert Business Bainstorming Calls

Increase your Visibility

Listing on ParenTween Connection Website, Preferred Pricing at ParenTween Connection Vendor Events, Ability to post as 'Trusted Expert' in ParenTween Connection Facebook Group, 'ParenTween Connection Trusted Expert' Logo for use on website & marketing materials

Expand your Network

Junior Varisty PLUS: Welcome call with ParenTween CEO.

Increase your Visibility

Junior Varsity PLUS: Link your Facebook group to ours, 20-30 minute Facebook Live intro in The ParenTween Connection with recording posted to YouTube, 1 podcast/video interview per year, 1 event listing on website each month, 1 blog post on website each month, opportunit to contribute to ParenTween Connection publications

If you'd rather see it laid out visually...

Same info as above, just laid out like a spreadsheet.