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Fran Gallaher (Really Flourish LLC)

Fran Gallaher

INTUITION COACH CONSULTANT, OWNER OF REALLY FLOURISH I teach people to develop intuitive access, create awareness, and act with clarity to make clear, authentic choices for success that reflects true nature. Learn More: ...

Joe Constantine (Breakaway Scores)

Joe Constantine

Joe dealt with horrible bullying as a kid. After years being the '95-pound weakling' who was tormented mercilessly, he hit his growth spurt as a freshman at University of Rhode Island, where he earned a degree in Civil Engineering. More than a decade later, he recognized that he was burned out and decided to change careers. With Clarissa's encouragement, he ...

Judith Pinto (CAFE Moms)

Judith Pinto

CAFE Moms ( Dads, too!) A place for Calm, Attuned, Focused, Entrepreneurial Moms ( Dads!) Focus on what matters. When it matters most. For almost 3 decades as a mental health clinician, I worked with children and families of children with neurodevelopmental differences and mental health challenges to heal, grow, and live their lives fully. ‚Äč Through ...