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Joe Constantine (Breakaway Scores Teen and  Youth Mentor and Coach)

Joe Constantine

Joe dealt with horrible bullying as a kid. After years being the '95-pound weakling' who was tormented mercilessly, he hit his growth spurt as a freshman at University of Rhode Island, where he earned a degree in Civil Engineering. More than a decade later, he recognized that he was burned out and decided to change careers. With Clarissa's encouragement, he ...

Judith Pinto (CAFE Moms)

Judith Pinto

CAFE Moms ( Dads, too!) A place for Calm, Attuned, Focused, Entrepreneurial Moms ( Dads!) Focus on what matters. When it matters most. For almost 3 decades as a mental health clinician, I worked with children and families of children with neurodevelopmental differences and mental health challenges to heal, grow, and live their lives fully. ‚Äč Through ...

Scott Feld (MindZenMotion)

Scott Feld

Scott Feld has worked with kids of all ages in both education and entertainment for 25+ years. . Scott has taken the two and combined them to form Edu-tainment making learning about your Inner Super Powers fun. Through his company MindZenMotion, Scott has taken hundreds of kids on Power Quests to discover how their own Inner Super Powers. In addition, Scott ...