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To listen you must be silent…

Tuesday November 2, 2021 comments

To listen you must be silent…

To listen you must be silent… I heard this on a conference call attended by business coaches today. The two words are anagrams of each other (meaning they’re spelled with the same letters but create different words). LISTEN rearranged is SILENT. How many of us are actually good at being silent? Silence is REALLY hard for a lot of us. In sales, experts tell you that the first person to speak will lose the negotiation. But in relationships, I believe the first person to speak wins – especially if the person speaking is a teen... Read More

What if?

By: Clarissa Constantine Wednesday March 3, 2021 comments

What if?

‘What if?’ This is, without question, one of my favorite questions. Or not favorite questions, depending on whether I have to use it myself. There are two thoughts that show up for me relative to this question. First, what I call ‘The “What If” Spiral.’ Whenever anxiety kicks in and I start what-if-ing myself, the what-ifs are NEVER positive. It’s never like, what if I win the lottery? Or, what if I find the best parking spot ever? Nope, instead, it’s negative…what if my husband gets mad at me? Or, what if I... Read More

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